David L. House II

President and CEO

  • Financial/Budget Reviews, Audits, and Analysis
  • Programming Reviews, Audits, and Analysis 
  • Performance Audits
  • Consulting for School Choice Issues and Programs
  • Campaign Management
  • Development of Advertising initiatives 
  • Social Media Development and/or Management
  • Webmaster for WebsiteBuilder and Wordpress  
  • Professional/Technical and Grant Writing
  • Dropout and Truancy Prevention software for K-12
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Promotional Services


House Consulting L.L.C. provides program, budget, performance, and financial audits/reviews for not-for-profit and private entities.  In addition, leadership analysis and coaching is available.   

House Consulting L.L.C. provides leadership analysis and training for not-for-profit and private entites.    

House Consulting L.L.C. can provide public relations and promotional services for educational, not-for-profit, or private entities.  We can develop a media and/or web strategy for your organization.  In addition, we can provide marketing and advertising campaigns for businesses or issue campaigns, including the development of radio and television scripts.    

House Consulting L.L.C. offers consulting for educational institutions.  With a specialty in at-risk programming for secondary educational entities, House Consulting, L.L.C. also provides financial and programming reviews/analysis and grant writing services for post-secondary institutions.  In partnership with RaaWee K-12 Solutions, House Consulting, L.L.C. can also provide Truancy and Dropout Prevention software to K-12 institutions.     

Public relations




Educational,  Business, and Leadership Consulting.